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Wide Strap – UK

Urine bags are attached to the leg with leg straps to avoid the bag sliping down. The shape of the urine bag defines the choice of the leg strap. The loop on one end of the leg strap enables a person with a limited hand function to close and open easily the leg strap.

60 cm long, 4 cm wide, elastic strap with Velcro fastener. A second Velcro band (2 cm wide) helps to secure the leg bag onto the strap. For usage with bendi bags or leg bags. With non-slip silicone lines on the reverse side. The entire strap is made from a soft woven elasticated fabric. With loop for easy opening.

Leg Straps

Description Qty Order No. PIP Code
Wide leg strap - Elastic, 60cm 1 pc. 57.44  
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