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Urinary Sheaths

p.sure - Standard - Urinary Sheath


Self-adhesive Urinary Sheath. Length 130mm, buffer zone 75mm, adhesive zone 50mm, standard strength adhesive, available in 11 sizes.


Category: Urinary Sheaths Latex-free ready for use

b.sure Violet Quickfit Urinary Sheath

Self-adhesive Urinary Sheath. Length 75mm, buffer zone 45mm, adhesive zone 25mm, standard adhesive, 9 sizes


Category: Urinary Sheaths Latex-free ready for use

Other Urinary Sheaths

Both Non-latex and latex that require a separate liquid adhesive or double sided adhesive tape.

SAUER Skin Adhesives & Adhesive Tapes


Skin Adhesives & tapes for the fixation of urinary sheaths. Available in synthetic and latex versions as well as hydrocolloid double sided adhesive tapes for the most skin friendly fixation method.







Manfred Sauer Urinary Sheaths (sometimes referred to as Male External catheters, Condom Urinals, Urinary Condoms) are available in 11 sizes to ensure a secure comfortable fit. This is over twice the number of sizes offered by other urinary sheaths like Conveen, Freedom, Transfix or Clear Advantage, Urisheath etc (see UK Drug Tariff).
It's back!
It's back!
DT Code / Size PIP Code*
iQ2104.10 372-5421
iQ2104.12 324-7400
iQ2104.14 324.7418
iQ2104.16 324.7426
iQ2104.18 372-5413

b.sure violet quickfit urinary sheath shorter in length with a stronger adhesive available in 9 sizes.

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