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SAUER Skin Adhesive – Original

Composed of natural rubber, heptane as solvent, skin care and antiseptic components. Can be used without problem in most instances. It provides an absolutely reliable adhesion.

For more than 30 years successfully for the fixation of urinary sheaths. Liquid skin adhesives provide the safest bonding between the skin and sheath. Unlike the self-adhesive sheaths they allow anindividual handling; this means that the user himself can determine the required quantity of adhesive, the length of the adhesive zone and the size of the buffer zone.

The KIC System consits of the following components:

Sauer Skin Adhesive

Eudermic composition: We offer the skin adhesive in different compositions that match individual skin properties. The SAUER Original skin adhesive is composed of natural rubber, mastic as the adhesive component, heptane as solvent to determine the viscosity, lanolin (purified wool fat) to replenish the oils in the skin, zinc oxide for skin protection, and resin to enhance the adhesive strength.

Adhesion effect: This varies according to the composition of the different skin adhesives used. The properties of skin adhesives are as follows:

  • Skin adhesives provide adhesion which should in almost all cases last round-the-clock.
  • The reduction of skin caring agents increases the adhesive strength.
  • By adding resin, the adhesive strength can be increased further.

Water resistance: The skin adhesive allows the urinary sheath to be worn in the bath or when swimming without impairing the adhesion strength.

Skin friendliness: Additional substances with skin care properties allow the urinal to be used “around the clock”.

Removal: Removal of the sheath does not leave adhesive residue on the skin as the sheath and the skin adhesive complement each other.

With tube: The pipette applicator allows a simple and clean application of the adhesive.

It is simply impossible to recommend one type of adhesive for all situations, because every skin type reacts differently. SAUER suggests that users initially try our well-established “Original” skin adhesive. If satisfactory results are not met, despite correct application, an alternative can be tried. When stronger skin-adhesives are applied one must carefully check the skin condition.

If by any chance none of the above skin adhesives or adhesive tapes suit your requirements, please turn to your local continence adviser for further information.

Latex sheath orgiinal
Slip the protective cloth over the penis to protect the pubic hair. The opening in the protective cloth has a diameter that is by 1mm smaller than that of the corresponding sheath. First one should unroll 4–6 cm of the sheath (to provide a buffer zone or reservoir for spontaneous urine), then roll the sheath over the tip of the penis (glans) and hold it as shown in the diagram. If erection is not possible then pull the penis slightly taut.
Adhesive process with adhesive
With the other hand apply a ring of adhesive. Use as little adhesive as possible but as much as necessary and apply it from the middle of the penis shaft versus the upper end, so that you have some space left that you can use in case of a minor injury. (Too much skin adhesive results in a thick layer, which hinders a solid contact between skin and rubber film. In this case the sheath may later slip a little and get stuck on itself).
Adhesive process with adhesive
Spread the skin adhesive evenly using the adequately shaped tube nozzle or the index finger (also possible with gloves). A thin surface of 2–3 cm is ample. Important: a complete gap-free continuous adhesive film must be produced. Do not let the adhesive dry too much. The solvent in the skin adhesive evaporates through spreading so that the formation of bubbles under the sheath is prevented.
Adhesive process with adhesive
Whilst one hand is rolling the sheath over the adhesive zone, the other one should still hold the penis taut. Press the sheath to the skin all around carefully. If necessary, rub out longitudinal folds and air bubbles (radial wrinkles are less dangerous). Check again after about 1 minute and press again if necessary.
Adhesive process with adhesive
The remaining rubber ring behind the adhesive surface may be cut open or cut or torn off completely when pressure sores are to be feared or the penis retracts strongly for instance when urinating. The cut should be made circular so that the sheath will not tear. Press the sheath firmly on the adhesive area whilst cutting or tearing off the sheath.

SAUER Skin Adhesives

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