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p.sure - Standard - Urinary Sheath

Sheath and adhesive are made of synthetic materials. To be used with all urine collection bags on UK prescription, includes 1 protective cloth (matching the size of the condom) in a pack of 30 sheaths.

Length 130 mm
Buffer zone 75 mm
Adhesive zone 50 mm
Adhesive standard
11 sizes Ø18–40mm

The self-adhesive urinary sheath "p.sure" has a self-adhesive film which allows you to put on the sheath quickly and with ease. The skin adhesive used is suitable for the majority of people and will provide a secure and skin friendly adhesion between the sheath and the skin. These urinary sheaths are available in 11 different sizes.

100% individually tested

To guarantee maximum safety all urinary condoms are tested individually for impermeability and tear strength

Category: Urinary Sheaths – Latex-free – ready for use

Self-adhesive Sheaths SAUER-Comfort

Self-adhesive Sheaths SAUER-Comfort

Connecting tube
To connect to all urine collection bags with and without an adapter. The connecting tube of the condom is coloured differently depending on the type of condom.
Length: 50 mm.

Buffer zone
Offers a sufficient buffer in case of larger quantities of spontaneous urine in order not to strain the adhesive, which could lead to the flaking of the male external catheter. The powder gives a slightly milky look to the buffer zone and avoids the material of the male external catheter sticking together during its use.
Length: 75 mm or 60 mm.

Adhesive zone

With two different adhesive strengths. Within the adhesive zone the male external catheter is transparent making an assessment of the skin possible at any time without having to remove the male external catheter.
Length: 50 mm

A 22 mm diameter thumb-sized condom can be ordered to allow the user to practice handling the self-adhesive condom. It can be used to test the separate steps of the adhesion procedure on the thumb: to find out how to deal with problems should they arise, how to avoid crinkles, and to learn where the adhesive zone begins.

Pull over the protective clothPull over the protective cloth so that the pubic hair is kept back and doesn’t interfere with the adhesion process.
Pull over the protective clothUnroll the sheath at least three rolls before you start applying (to the tip of the penis). This is to provide the required buffer zone between the penis and the tip of the sheath and the correct position of the adhesion area. If the sheath is difficult to unroll, it will be helpful to stretch the connecting tube gently.
Pull over the protective clothPut the sheath on the foreskin without pulling the foreskin back, and carry on unrolling until you come to the end of the talcum powdered zone. The part of the sheath still rolled should be roughly in the middle of the penis now.
Pull over the protective clothWhen unrolling further, you get to the adhesive zone. From the start, make sure you unroll the sheath evenly. To make the unrolling easier, you can also stretch the connecting tube.
Pull over the protective clothCheck the position of the sheath and the adhesive zone, then press it carefully around and against the penis.
Pull over the protective clothTo avoid pressure marks, or if the penis tends to retract when passing water, you can remove the remaining rubber ring behind the adhering area by cutting or pulling it right off.

To prevent tearing, make the cut all around the sheath. When cutting or tearing off, hold the sheath to the adhering area.
Pull over the protective clothAlways fit the leg bag to you leg, adjust the inlet tube length if required and then connect the outlet tube of the sheath to the inlet connector of the leg bag. This connection can be made easier by slightly wetting the plastic connector before the connection.

p.sure Self-Adhesive Sheaths
SAUER-Comfort – Standard

  • synthetic material, latex free
  • connecting tube
  • buffer zone 75 mm
  • standard adhesive in 50mm band
  • protective cloth
  • Available in 11 sizes
Description QTY Order Code PIP Code
Size Ø 18 mm 30 pcs 97.18 290-2849
Size Ø 20 mm 30 pcs 97.20 290-2856
Size Ø 22 mm 30 pcs 97.22 290-2864
Size Ø 24 mm 30 pcs 97.24 290-2872
Size Ø 26 mm 30 pcs 97.26 290-2880
Size Ø 28 mm 30 pcs 97.28 290-2898
Size Ø 30 mm 30 pcs 97.30 290-2906
Size Ø 32 mm 30 pcs 97.32 290-2914
Size Ø 35 mm 30 pcs 97.35 290-2922
Size Ø 37 mm 30 pcs 97.37 290-2930
Size Ø 40 mm 30 pcs 97.40 290-2948
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