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NEW! The fastest way to obtain our products is to let us dispense your UK Prescription FREE directly to your door! Call our Helpline for details 01604 595 696
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Why not let us arrange for your UK prescriptions to be delivered directly to your doorstep, to save you the hassle of collecting them from the Chemist? This is a free service but is only available for appliances such as those listed below and not medicines.

IQCath - IQCath's features mean it is easy to handle yet the soft spherical tip and extra bendy end means it can easily navigate the bends in the male urethra even past false pockets or false tracts and urethral strictures!
P-Sure self adhesive sheaths - simply the most secure, comfortable latex-free self adhesive sheath available in 11 sizes 18mm to 40mm diameter.
CVS Catheter Valve - The most discrete product of its type available, completely transparent (apart from contrasting blue twist tap) to allow inspection of urine and ensure there is no encrustation forming.
p.hold- 'Hands-free kit for ISC'. The penis holder is used to stretch and hold the penis, useful in cases of penile retraction for ISC, directing urine flow when voiding normally and even as a helping hand to fit a urinary sheath.
p.hold - penis holder prevents retraction
p.grip - Grips tubing and prevents drag that would otherwise pull out catheters or pull off urinary sheaths.
Other devices to help with catheterisation
A selection of useful devices to help catheterise and manage continence.
Bendi Bags - are urine drainage bags (leg bags) specifically designed for wheelchair users, available in 2 capacities, 1300ml & 700ml. You need never worry about finding an accessible toilet again! Its unique design makes it relatively inconspicuous beneath clothing due to its leg hugging shape.
Bendi Bag User
Discreet Thigh Bags - allow you to wear the clothes you want. This leg bag is specifically designed to be strapped high on the thigh, so it can be discreetly concealed beneath almost any clothing - from short skirts to swimming costumes. Yet still offering a realistic 450mls of capacity.
Discreet Thigh Bag User
Comfort Leg Bags - 600ml and 1000ml capacity leg bags with soft, flexible & adjustable inlet tubes, a velvet smooth bonded cotton fleece backing and a choice of outlet taps - includes our extra wide top leg bag strap (38mm) for extra security and a standard width (20mm) bottom strap.
Comfort Leg Bag User
Children's Bags - 210ml capacity leg bag appropriate for a smaller persons bodysize, can be used with our paediatric urinary sheaths or a catheter.
Night bags - 2.0 Litre drainable night bag with 120cm inlet tube
2.6 Litre non-drainable night bag 90cm inlet tube.
Attach easily to Manfred Sauer Leg Bags and other drainage bags available in the UK .
Night bags
Urinary Sheaths (11 sizes) - Non Latex, Latex and Extra Thin Latex dry sheaths available in 11 sizes, from 18mm (paediatric size) to 40mm diameters. No more sheaths "blowing off!"

Adhesives & Skin Protecting Film - We have 8 strengths of skin adhesive available with latex or synthetic/silicone base, for direct use on the skin.
Also available are Skin preparation wipes and fluids that disinfect and protect
the skin and increase the adhesive action of self-adhesive sheaths as well as liquid and tape adhesives.
Adhesive Nozzle
K+ICS - Urinary sheath with removable tip for men performing Intermittent Self Catheterisation (ISC.) This does away with the need for medication to keep the user dry and all the nasty side effects of passing a catheter through the outlet of a urinary sheath which is far from sterile or as many men do repeatedly, removing the old sheath and re-applying a new sheath with the subsequent skin trauma that involves.
KICS Sheath Spreader & Tip
Urinals - URIbags - a pocket sized urinal which folds away into a case small enough to fit into a shirt pocket yet holds 1.1 litres (almost 2 pints.) Ideal for anyone who can't get to the toilet. Available in Male & Female versions. Also URIfem a bottle urinal specifically for ladies lying down.
URIbag F Folded & Unfolded
NephSys - This is the only Nephrostomy Drainage System
available on UK Prescription and through the NHS hospital catalogue produced by PASA. It is used to collect urine from the kidney drained through a nephrostomy catheter under sterile conditions. The drainage bag has a luer lock adapter to ensure a secure connection to a nephrostomy catheter. The bag has an integrated reflux valve to prevent urine from flowing back to the kidneys.
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