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p grip
p.grip tubing securing system - last step of fitting instructions
  • See the full p .grip leaflet and directions for use by clicking here
Q. What does p .grip do?
  • p .grip anchors urinary catheters or drainage bag tubing to a strap secured around the leg (Order code CS.01) or abdomen (Order code CS.02) to prevent drag from the appliance.
  • p .grip is ideal to prevent drag from day or night drainage bags (leg bags or bed bags).
  • p .grip has no hard plastic components that could potentially damage skin.
  • p .grip is discrete under clothing
  • p.grip is fully adjustable so positioning the catheter/tubing is simple.
  • p .grip is less expensive than other similar systems.
The p .grip system can be ordered individually rather than in quantities of 5 or more which signifi cantly reducing wastage of patients overstocking.
Q. Why use p .grip?
  • Even when initially well fitted at the start of a day a drainage bag can drag on the urinary catheter or sheath it is connected to during daily use. This may be due to a variety of reasons such as exercise, dressing/undressing or simply by gravity acting on a full drainage bag. Whatever the reason the consequences are distressing for the person involved.
Q. What can happen if a drainage bag slips?
  • If connected to a Catheter then the resulting trauma where the catheter enters the body can cause anything from discomfort and unpleasant discharges to potentially serious damage to the bladder and bypassing of the catheter (catheter with balloon still inflated is ripped out of the bladder).
  • If connected to a urinary sheath then the sheath is pulled off which may cause trauma to the skin.
  • In both cases the person ends up wet and embarrassed and it incurs extra cost to the NHS.
Q. Why is p .grip different to other products?
  • Other products temporarily try to clamp the catheter or drainage bag inlet tube. The problem with clamping a tube is that if you do it well the tube ends up squashed, which impairs the drainage path.
  • p .grip uses a strong medical adhesive incorporated into a special self adhesive micro-hook Velcro tab to securely attach this tab to the catheter or tubing. This adhesive tab should stay in place for the life of the catheter or tubing regardless of how many times the person bathes (extra micro-hook Velcro tabs available separately, Order code: CS.TABS). This micro-hook Velcro tab is then sandwiched between a dark green fabric Velcro tab to make the most secure system possible. See the full p .grip leaflet and directions for use by clicking here.
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