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Comments from UK visitors to the Foundation
The following letter was received from a Continence Appliance Specialist Nurse after a visit to the Manfred Sauer Foundation and a tour of the Manfred Sauer manufacturing facility.
Thursday 5th October 2006
Dear Stephen,
I would like to thank you and your colleagues for giving me the opportunity of visiting the Manfred Sauer Stiftung from the 28th September to 1st October. I was honoured to be considered for such a trip, and whilst I admit I was extremely excited at the prospect before, on arrival I was completely astounded at the scale and quality of the project.
As you know, I have been involved in the Continence and Urology speciality for 11 years and have known many products and some companies both inside and out. The Manfred Sauer range has always been an important aid to achieving the best result for the patient, and I have seen the range grow and develop. Im sure you will not be surprised to know how eager I was to actually meet Herr Sauer himself!

From the moment we arrived, we were witness to his enthusiasm, either on reception, at the bar or in the restaurant, and we were given a very warm welcome. Throughout the visit we were treated as friends more than guests, and nothing was too much trouble. It seems the ethos of the whole concept is carried through from Manfred himself, all the way through the Foundation, the Factory, and all of the staff. It has the power to engulf visitors and give the very positive message that self belief and teamwork can achieve anything.

I will carry on the message through the presentations already anticipated and would will anyone given the chance, to experience the culture of the MSStiftung first hand.

To see the manufacturing process was extremely interesting, and the individual, personal testing of each product is astounding. It demonstrates the commitment of Manfred Sauer to quality, particularly where such a product can so adversely affect quality of life if it fails, and enhance it so much when it works well.

I would like to congratulate Kevin, Ray and Yourself for making our visit so well organised and enjoyable. (Please book my follow up visit at the first instance!).  Would you please pass on my thanks to Barry and Herr Sauer when you can, for making the whole experience possible.

If I can be of any service in future, please contact me without hesitation.

Yours sincerely,
<name and address supplied>

Urology Trade Association
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