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Relaxed customer no more continence worries - SORTED!

Hi Phil, Thank you for all your help when I telephoned for advice on the Manfred Sauer products.I was first told about sheath cathetersby my urology consultant and looked on the internet to see what I could find. I found two companies, Including Manfred Sauer,and they both offered to send me samples that I could use to help with my incontinence problem, particularly at night.  Your literature arrived the following day inviting me to measure for the size required to fit me using the simple wrap aroundpaper measuring tape. A simple procedure, I phoned with my size and you asked that I phoned you when the samples arrived.A day or two later Manfred Sauer’s samples arrived and I phoned you. I thought that I might have been embarrassed makingthe phone call but you soon put me at ease, in fact, it was an informative and entertaining conversation with my wife involvedthrough the speaker-phone. After one or two silly mistakes on my part I had it all assembled and ready for use; a sheathcatheter to connect to a bag when wearing shorts, another for use under long trousers and, most importantly for me,to a night bag.  Although I have the under shorts and long trousers assembled and ready for use, I have so far only used the night bag. The night bag works really well, it is comfortable and does not leak. It is amazing how much urine I pass during the night while relaxed asleep in the knowledge that there would be no accident. This had more than one pleasing effect, I get a good nights sleep and I completely empty my bladder thus solving a problem of urine infection caused through urine retention. I phoned you to tell you how pleased I was with the Manfred Sauer sheath catheters and you sent me some extra samples to give me sufficient time to make an appointment with my GP at my local Heath Centre where I explained my complete satisfaction and the general improvement in my health. My GP gave me a prescription for two month supply of Manfred Sauer products (60 sheath catheters and 10 night bags), I took the prescription to my local pharmacy who told me to collect in a couple of days which I have now done.  The following day I had a telephone call from a Continence Nurse Advisor and I told her what had happened, in particular how Manfred Sauer product worked very well for me as there was a size that was well fitting and comfortable, unlike the other company that only did sizes in multiples of 5mm. The nurse then sent me a further 60 sheaths, 10 night bags, five more leg straps, 6 aerosol spays to help remove the sheaths and numerous wipes. All completely free on the NHS. 

Thank you Phil, you were very helpful and, as you are also a user, we were able to have a laugh at experiences we have had without me feeling at all embarrassed.  I would not mind if you were to use this email as a reference if it were to be of assistance to others who find themselves with a problem similar to the one that I had. Now, thanks to you and Manfred Sauer products (and the NHS) I can sleep at night, home or away, with confidence.  Best Wishes  <name and address supplied Aug 2013>

Thanks Phil for your very quck and efficient service and thanks for sorting me out with the product which I find excellent. It has given me much more confidence about going places particularly after taking my water pill and also it now allows me wear light coloured trousers again.   Thanks again. Cheers !"   <name/address supplied>
"I wanted to say -thanks - for all your help - you have been great
& have taken time out to listen, understand & help -especially because I
am not someone with a disability - or a BIG regular daily user - just
someone with a small occasional problem - a silly enlarged prostate that
thinks it can tell my bladder to do too much peeing at inconvenient times
& which I am not able to do much about internally - but at least I have
a simple solution - externally - & its largely invisible & non intrusive - so
what more could I ask."  <name and address supplied>
"...after 2 months of struggling with catheters during ISC using a well know brand I came across IQ Catheters on a web search.  I applied for samples and also received really good advice from their helpline...and now I find ISC no problem whotsoever.. thank you again"<name & address supplied>
"I've leart more from talking to Phil on your Helpline and reading your excellent IQ tutorial then all my visits to the continence advisors and urologists put together - Thanks Guys!" <name & address supplied>

iQCath - if it works for me it will work for virtually anyone!

100% success rate - your catheter goes in first time, every time!

iQCath is so easy to use in comparison to all the others

It felt as though I had known Phil (your Helpline Adviser) for years when talking to him on the phone, almost as if I was talking to a mate !!!

Make no mistake about it the P-Sure urinary sheath is a life changing decision

I use your p.sure self adhesive sheaths and they are brilliant

Praise for our helpline service and p.sure letter 1

Praise for our helpline service and p.sure/comfort leg bags letter 2

Wow - your catheter valve knocks the spots of all the others!

Your URIbag has been a great help as I do a lot of driving

LATEST: Feedback about our new iQCath Tutorial
I have just finished reading your IQ Tutorial and can only say that I wish I'd had one of these at the start of it all!   The tutorial was very easy to understand with the pictures entertaining and informative and the writing being in plain English.  Plus there's a lot more in it than I ever got told by the nurse in hospital!  You can tell it was written by people who had first-hand knowledge of doing ISC. It’s a definite must for all people starting ISC. <name & address supplied >
   iQCath tutorial, 28 colourful pages of everything you ever beeded to know about intermittent self catheterisation
I have read your IQ tutorial a couple of times now and think it is absolutely brilliant, it is written in a way that is easy to understand from my point of view and for once with no medical jargon! I just wish I had this when I was in hospital when they said I first had to do ISC, it would have helped me great deal by helping me to understand what it was all about. I have been doing ISC for some time now but still learnt quite a bit through reading the tutorial, particularly the ‘Useful things to know’ section at the back, especially the tip about if you cannot get the catheter in give a little cough, they must have forget to tell me about that one! Basically the tutorial is very easy to understand, a must read before you do intermittent self catheterisation, I believe the tutorial should be available in all hospitals as an invaluable to aid teaching ISC. <name & address supplied 
Contact our helpline for a hard copy of the tutorial.. You can also download all or part of it from this website in the 'download section' .  

"I require your excellent new IQ 14ch ISC's. It's the only ISC catheter I've been able to pass since having bladder reconstruction & a sphincter cuff. If it works for me it will work for virtually anyone!" <response from our website name & address supplied>

Hi Guys,

Just a quck email to give you some feedback on your new catheter - its brilliant! I've been catheterising since my accident some 8 years ago using a < well know brand name> catheter and roughly about 1 in every 6 times I had trouble getting it through the last centimetre into the bladder. Your catheter goes in so smoothly every time - the only complaint I have is that before I got used to it I was peeing before I was ready, which caught me out more than a few times ;-)

Many thanks once again it really has made life so much easier

<name & address supplied>



Dear sir,

I would like to thank your company for the IQcath, it is so easy to use in comparison to all the others. I would also like to say thank you to Diane on your Helpline who so kindly and very promptly sent me out some samples. Keep the good work up and thanks once again.

<name & address supplied>


Hi, I would just like to drop you a quick line to say thankyou so much to Phil, he telephoned me on Monday regarding a sample request I had asked for (1,000mL Comfort leg bag and CVS Catheter valve).

I must say he is by far the most helpful person I have spoken to regarding my issues and appliances,his knowledge is outstanding and his own little tips and tricks are brilliant,it felt as though I had known Phil for years when talking to him on the phone,almost as if I was talking to a mate !!!  I know it is his job to help people out but his attitude and helpfulness go beyond that of a normal job.

The samples arrived this morning and following Phil's advice are working fine!

I am very pleased with the service I have received and I send my great appreciation and thanks to Phil. He's a top man (and a very funny one too ;-) )

Thanks again I look forward to talking to him in the future,

Best Regards

<name & address supplied - by email>


Dear Helpline.

Can I just say thank you for helping me become confident again in my sheaths. As a director of a company, I need to be able to travel without worrying about my sheath and whether or not it's going to stay on or not during meetings... 97.xx Sheath Rolled Tip

For the previous 6 years I have used a <well known sheath name supplied> sheath with confidence up until approx 18 months ago! The last 18 months has slowly got me down as more and more often my sheath would just seal up! I was convinced it was the sheath and promptly called <well known manufacturers name supplied> to make my complaint and was told nothing had changed...

Well, I had enough and decided to try P-sure and to begin with, I did not like the change until I spoke to Stephen Burns. Stephen told me to use best practice which involves a different approach when applying which worked a treat!

I have not had a single incident in 4 weeks and I don't need to touch wood! The P-Sure works... I challenge anyone to use them for 1 month and go back to a wet life!... If you need me to speak to anyone, get them to call

name & address supplied>


I have MS and use your p.sure self adhesive sheaths, they are simply brilliant! I have never had one blow off and they fit so well and are extremely comfortable. I used to use the < well known product> sheaths but the sizing is poor for me and the sheaths are so thick and they tend to work their way off if you are not careful.

<name & address supplied>


Wow! your catheter valve knocks the spots off all the others. I've just ditched the <well know brand> valve for yours - much less bulky and obvious under trousers and goes better with your leg bags which are much better than the <well known brand> ones I used to use.

Thank your guy on the helpline (sorry cannot remember his name) but it makes a change to speak to someone who actually knows what its like to use a leg bag - he had loads of useful ideas about managing the daily grind of life in a chair!

I use the valve to maintain bladder muscle tone but usually have a leg bag connected to it as it takes so long to empty your bladder with a valve and basically it's a lot easier and means much less frequent trips to the loo.

<excerpt taken from a user forum>

URIbag pocket sized reuseable urinal (when not in use)Just a few words of thanks to say how easy Urinal Bag was to obtain and it has been a great help as I do a lot of driving. Toilets are not always available and this has been used on numerous occasions. Thanks!

<email from satisfied customer that purchased a URIbag for convenience when driving, not because of a continence problem>

I was getting myself into a right state I would do ISC and then a short time later I would pass urine again and wet myself this could happen just by coughing or if a spasm kicked in.  I remember standing in a school playground waiting for my kids to come out. I'd just catheterised myself before I went out so I should have been okay, but I was not I started to leak, I was so lucky that my children came out for the first time early and was able to get home, very wet by then and hoped that no one had noticed. After that I avoided going out at every opportnity - when I next visited Urology Outpatients and descreibed the utter dispair I felt I was told about your K+ICS system!  All I can say is WOW!  A bit fiddly at first just like ISC, but after a bit of practice its just second nature, part of the routine - no looking back for me but a BIG THANKS for you guys  - you have given me my freedom and dignity back and that is priceless!
<name & address supplied>

The self adhesive sheaths and Bendi bags have changed my life.I have been using the 700ml & 1300ml bags for a year. Thanks to the sheaths and the Bendi bag I am able to do my own toileting without the help from a carer. The Bendi bag 1300 with its adjustable inlet made it easier for me to get a night bag which I felt more able to move in. The reason I started wearing the sheaths and bags is because one of my carers as she changed my pad said it was a nappy. I had lots of carers changing me and I wondered if they thought the same way as her.

I would say to anyone wearing a pad.....give the sheaths and pads 2 months and it will change your mind.

A phonecall to the helpline aved me a lot of time and worry. They were able to send me booklets which helped me no end.


Having just received an order, together with your Christmas Holiday Arrangements letter - I would just like to say a huge thankyou to all at Manfred Sauer for an absolutely first class service. I certainly haven't experienced any supply problems and can be confident that you will not let me down -  with, what is at the end of the day, a very important and specialised supply. Thankyou very much one and all -  and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!

Please leave behind door at rear of outhouse, back patio.






































































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