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CathHand showing how easy it is to grip an ISC catheter with a slight 'cocking of the wrist'

Cath Hand

Instruction for Users

Implement for ISC

Medical aid for people with impaired finger dexterity perhaps from neurological conditions such as MS and tetraplegia. The medical device enables these people to perform Intermittent Self-Catheterisation (ISC) without aid. The Cath-hand can be opened and closed by the hand lifting muscle (extensor carpi radialis). It enables these people to grip a catheter firmly so that it can be introduced into and pulled out of the urethra without touching the catheter with the fingers. The action required to operate the device is literally a very gentle "cocking” of the wrist.

You can choose between versions for right- and left-handed users. You can shorten the Velcro strap with scissors according to your individual need.

The Cath-Hand is made of eloxated aluminium, which is kind to the skin.


Push thumb through the opening and shove fastening clamps around the forearm. An adjustable Velcro strap brings about further security.

Close the Cath-hand by tensing the hand-lifting muscle - the catheter is held in a firm grip. Re-open it by relaxing the muscle to release the catheter.


For cleaning, use water or soapy water, for disinfection a disinfectant appropriate for surfaces. Sterilization by steam (autoclave) is only possible when the Velcro strap is removed before!

Other uses

Many customers also use the Cath-hand as an all-purpose device to grip all manner of objects. If the device is used for such purposes then ensure the product is cleaned as described above before using with a sterile catheter for infection control reasons.

If you have any further questions, please call your customer adviser or our hotline on 01604 595 696

The implement is subject to alterations that may improve handling or manufacturing.
Liability for damages is excluded as far as no other regulations, particularly with regard to product liability, exist.
It's back!
It's back!
DT Code / Size PIP Code*
iQ2104.10 372-5421
iQ2104.12 324-7400
iQ2104.14 324.7418
iQ2104.16 324.7426
iQ2104.18 372-5413

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