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NephSys - Nephrostomy Drainage System
Reprint with many full colour pictures of article which appeared in Urinary Tract Magazine that contains 3 testimonials relating to the Manfred Sauer Nephsys drainage system, one from a user of the system, one from a community based Healthcare Professional (HCP) and one from a hospital based HCP.

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Usage information

  • The drainage bag with luer lock connector comes in 2 inlet tube lengths:
    • Short 20cm
    • Long 30cm
  • The waist belts are 38mm wide and made of a soft woven material with added non slip silicone beading on the back and secured by contrasting dark green Velcro tabs. These are available in:
    Small 600mm length suitable for children and adults of small body size or perhaps under weight.
    Adult 900mm length will accommodate all adults.
    Both belts can be shorted by simply cutting the belt to length.
  • The suspender belt can be sited anywhere on the waistbelt. Single or bilateral nephrostomy's can be accommodated. The
    suspenders can be repositioned depending on individual preference. For instance the bag(s) can be worn on hip(s) during day and repositioned to the front of the waist belt at night time so the wearer can sleep on their back. As an additional security measure a separate micro-hook self adhesive tab can be used to anchor the drainage bags inlet tubes to the strap as illustrated in Fig1 & Fig 3 below. Order Code CS.TABS available on FP10 Prescription.
Fig 1. Side view from behind Fig 2 - View from front showing Fig 3 - view from behind
Fig 1. Side view from behind Fig 2 - View from front showing bilateral nephrostomy Fig 3 - view from behind
It is recommended and cost effective to start a new person with a complete Nephrostomy drainage system (codes below) and then obtain the various component parts as required. Testimonial about Nephsys from Urology Nurse Specialist.
NephSys Testimonial 2014

Hi Phil, spoke to you just over a year ago. I had a nephrostomy at the time and was able to get a prescription for your tummy nephrostomy bag. I found this such a life saver at the time and have since recommended it to some local pharmacists who had never heard of the product. I would very much like to promote your product in my area and very much believe from my own experience that it would improve the life of so many people who would like to live as normal and active a life as they so deserve to, and this product makes it a lot more possible! I am a fitness and dance instructor and found the whole experience very distressing and your Manfred Sauer Nephrostomy Drainage System so helped me to live a normal life. Lots of people never would have known there was anything wrong. I have since had my nephrostomy tube removed but if there is any way I can promote your product I would. There are a lot of people here who are unaware of this system and I believe it could make their life so much more normal and free. Please let me know if I can do anything to help promote this product and if there is nothing I can do please let me thank you for helping me get on with my life!


Always appreciative <name & address supplied>

Order codes for Doctor's prescription in the community

Complete Nephrostomy Drainage System
Prescription/FP10 code PIP Codeused by chemist Description
NephSys.01S 305-1554 Complete system: small belt (900mm x 38mm) and,
2 x suspenders, 4 x 500ml bags short 20cm inlet
NephSys.01L 305-1570 Complete system: small belt (900mm x 38mm) and
2 x suspenders, 4 x 500ml bags long 30cm inlet
NephSys.02S 305-1588 Complete system: Adult belt (1500mm x 38mm) and
2 x suspenders, 4 x 500ml bags short 20cm inlet
NephSys.02L 305-1562 Complete system: Adult belt (1500mm x 38mm) and
2 x suspenders, 4 x 500ml bags long 30cm inlet
Component parts of system
Prescription/FP10 code PIP Code Description
NSBelt.01 305-1521 Small belt (900mm x 38mm) and 2 suspenders
NSBelt.02 305-1513 Adult belt (1500mm x 38mm) and 2 suspenders
NS721.1720S 305-1547 10 x 500ml drainage bags short 20cm inlet
NS721.1730S 305-1539 10 x 500ml drainage bag long 30cm inlet
CS.TABS 304-6570 10 x Micro-hook self adhesive tabs and 1 x dark green Velcro fabric tab.
Used to reduce drag on inlet tubes (see Fig 1 & 3 above)
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