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Manfred Sauer Foundation Website is a German site but click on the link to see the English translation for the most up-to-date information on the Foundation - alternatively see this site's description of the Foundation and its goals.
(German site) Main Manfred Sauer website English translation version.
English list of all the outlets where Manfred Sauer Continence products are available.
Useful Links for people with disabilities
Alphabetical list of useful sites
Access at last
A one-stop shop for accessible accommodation and services. All accommodation has at least 1 room with a level access shower. They will find you accomodation no matter what physical ability a person has. The detailed information provided and customer reviews displayed in the property advertising is the very information you need when making informed decisions to make a travelling commitment.

Accessible Villa - Florida
We have no hesitation in recommending this Accessible villa designed and owned by Stephen Burns, who some may remember as being our helpline adviser from 1997 to April 2007 . If you want the highest quality accommodation at an affordable price in Florida, near to all the main theme parks, look no further!
Association for Spinal Injury Research (ASPIRE)
ASPIRE is a registered charity formed in 1983 for rehabilitation and reintegration, and works with people who are spinally injured to promote well-being and independence.
Association for Continence Advice (ACA) The ACA is a membership organisation for health and social care professionals concerned with the progression of care for continence and, as such, does not provide direct personal advice on continence matters

Association of Disabled Professionals

London WC1N 3XX
Tel: 01204 431638

A national charity offering people who have been paralysed through spinal cord injury the opportunity to take up challenging outdoor activities, which can act as a catalyst to regaining confidence, independence and motivation.
Bladder and Bowel UK
Bladder and Bowel UK
Have a team of dedicated Specialist Nurses and knowledgeable Continence Product Information staff, who can be contacted on the National Confidential Bladder and Bowel UK help lin e (0106 607 8219) or via email

British Brain & Spine Foundation
The British Brain and Spine Foundation aims to improve the prevention, treatment and care of disorders of the brain and spine through research in the clinical neurosciences and education and awareness programmes.

British Wheelchair Sports Foundation
To create opportunities for people in wheelchairs wishing to take part in competitive sport.
Contact a family - For families with disabled children
The only UK-wide charity providing advice, information and support to the parents of all disabled children

Cauda Equina Syndrome UK Charity 

We are the only registered UK charity giving support to sufferers and raising awareness of Cauda Equina Syndrome.   Our mission is to provide the much needed support to those affected by CES. We also aim to support health care professionals through the provision of education and also practical advice from a patient perspective.  We are working to highlight the need to improve standards and the procedure of transferals of CES patients care from GP’s and through the NHS hospital care pathway to the correct consultant of expertise. 

 The charity also aims to bring greater awareness of the condition to the general public and front line HCP’s, highlighting the red flag symptoms and the need for urgent treatment. Current medical literature states that decompression surgery for CES has a better outcome if performed within 24-48 hours from the onset of symptoms but this is often not the case, which can leave the sufferer with serious disability including bladder and bowel dysfunction.

Disabled Workers Co-operative
Find the product, service or skill you need provided by a local disabled worker. Disabled workers can register their service free on the Disabled Workers Database.
Discretely Different

My name is Jenny Reeve, founder of Discretely Different, a small and friendly company inspired and motivated by many disabled people, each with their own particular needs, be they mobility or continence issues. We aim to bring you the best collection of affordable, high quality underwear which is stylish, practical and comfortable.

I could not write about my company without mentioning Josie, a close friend and a lovely person. Josie, the inspiration behind Discretely Different, had Motor Neurone Disease, but she still wanted pretty and practical underwear which would make life easier for her carers, and more dignified for her.

So, with nothing available on the High Street, putting my vast experience of clothing design and development to the test I created the ‘Josie Panty’. The Josie Panty gained Registered Design status in 2008 and Discretely Different was born. Today the Discretely Different range is evolving into a comprehensive collection of specialist underwear and nightwear for ladies and gents.

Disease Conditions
A guide lists thousands of diseases and conditions sites offering Health resource - nutrition, cancer, mental health, allergies, depression, anxiety, diabetes and more.
The latest and widest range of public service information available. There's an extensive section for disabled people covering benefits, rights, education, health and support and much more.
DIsabled Motoring Charity that supports DIsabled Drivers, Blue Badge Holders and their carers

FES Cycling
Information about FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) and in particular FES Cycling. It may sound futuristic but it iis now possible to do this in your own home for the price of a good second hand family car! What exactly is FES I hear you ask? FES is a therapeutic activity that uses transcutaneous electrical current to initiate muscle contractions of paralysed lower limbs in persons who have sustained a spinal cord injury or been affected by stroke or MS. The order and strength of the muscle contractions are controlled by computer to generate the power to pedal a stationary cycle. The aim is not to provide passive motion - but to actively engage the muscles to generate muscle strength and improve fitness. It has the added advantage for people with little or no use of their lower limbs of allowing an aerobic workout without wearing out your upper limbs, which get enough wear and tear from using a wheelchair. There is now a version of the system available for upper body arms & shoulders. Worth a look! FES Cycling is now a reality for home exercise

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General Health Information Sites
Below is a list of websites that have information about a variety of disabilities and medical conditions
Directory of Patient Information Publications:
The United Brachial Plexus Network
Britain's most comprehensive health website
Spinal Injuries Association
NHS Direct on Line:
Arthritis Care:
Age Concern
Carers support - Prices Trust
Pancreatitis Supporters Network
National Institute for the Blind
Cerebral Palsy
Stroke Association
Depression Alliance
MIND (the mental health charity)
Alzheimer's Disease Society
Arachnoiditis Trust

Assoc. for Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus

Assoc. of Medical Research Charities
Lets Face It (help for the facially - different)
British Stammering Assoc.
Diabetes UK
National Osteoporosis Society

For People with ME, CFS, PVS, CFIDS and Fibromyalgia

Inclusive Fitness Initiative
A network of over 180 inclusive fitness facilities across England.
INSPIRE Foundation
Inspire exists to promote research into, and the development of electronic, mechanical and medical aids to assist people with spinal cord paralysis.
Kingkraft Ltd - Disabled Bathing and Disabled Showering ProductsKingkraft is one of the UK's leading experts in specialist equipment for disabled adults and children. Best known for our bathroom products, which include solutions for bathing, toileting, showering and changing. We also provide sensory, seating and mobility products for children, and sell fun and practical accessories online.
A personal site sharing experiences
Men's Health Forum
Too many men suffer unnecessarily poor health and die too young from preventable causes.
The Men’s Health Forum’s mission is to provide an independent and authoritative voice for male health and
to tackle the issues affecting the health and well-being of boys and men in England and Wales.

Mesothelioma:   TreatMesothelioma  is dedicated to the assistance and guidance of asbestos and mesothelioma victims around the world, insuring hope and providing palliative care and comprehensive information through articles, pictures, and educational videos. Mesothelioma is a life-threatening disease caused by exposure to asbestos.

Multiple Sclerosis Trust
The MS Trust is a UK charity, providing information for anyone affected by multiple sclerosis, education programmes for health professionals, funding for practical research and campaigning for specialist multiple sclerosis services.
National Association of Bikers with a disability
Ouch! BBC Internet Magazine
BBC Disability Site
 Ouch! is a website from the BBC that reflects the lives and experiences of disabled people.
It has articles, blogs, a very busy messageboard and an award-winning downloadable radio show -
It's aimed at those with a stakehold in disability: family, friends, professionals and, rather importantly,
disabled people themselves - without whom all this would be a bit meaningless
ORIGIN is an experienced, specialist care agency providing, one-to-one, 24 hour, live-in care services for people with spinal cord injuries.
Origin also offers holiday accomodation on the French Catalan coast.........

L’Origine, a traditional townhouse in the beautiful village of Collioure, on the French Catalan coast, has been sympathetically converted into two separate apartments both appointed and equipped to the highest standards.

The ground floor, two bedroom apartment is level with the garden, parking area and a large terrace. The apartment sleeps 4-6 people and available to all yet is fully wheelchair accessible and equipped for people with a spinal injury, their family and carers.


The Professional Carers Association (PCA) is a not-for-profit organization, a company limited by guarantee run by experienced carers and trainers in the health and social care industry in the UK.

We provide E-learning, a 24hrs a day listening ear for carers, quarterly free of charge e-newsletter to support and share information plus tax and legal advice for carers..

Please visit to join up and benefit from all these opportunities.
12 City Forum
250 City Road,
London EC1V 8AF
Tel: 020 7250 3
It has produced a holiday guide book - Accessible Holidays in the British Isles - £8.00 This is not available in bookshops but it can be ordered from the above address. Alternatively, some public libraries do stock them. There is an on-line version of this book at
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Spinal Injuries Association
The UK's national organisation for spinal cord injured (SCI) people. Representing all their interests regardless of how the impairment occurred, whether or not it has resulted in full or partial paralysis. They support all those who are affected by spinal cord injury, including the family and friends of the disabled person. Their motto is 'because life needn't stop when you're paralysed.'
Manfred Sauer UK strongly recommends anyone with a spinal cord injury to join this association as it provides a wealth of invaluable information and support for all aspects of SCI.

Spinal Injuries Scotland (SIS)
Information and support for the spinally injured.

Sportability uses sport and other challenging pursuits to effect positive psychological and physical change, re-build self-esteem and confidence for the spinally injured.
Shaw Trust
Shaw Trust is a national charity providing training and work opportunities for people who are disadvantaged in the labour market due to disability, ill health or other social circumstances. We are the largest UK provider of employment services for disabled people.

SCI Therapies
Icelandic Health Authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO) with the support of the Council of Europe have launched an international effort to accumulate information on various therapies and procedures that have the potential to restore function in people who have sustained a spinal cord injury (SCI).
Stepsafe Walking Aids/Device:
Trabasack is a functional wheelchair bag 
Designed by a wheelchair user for wheelchair users. You've seen bean bag trays - this product takes the concept one step further by incorporating a useful bag that will old and protect anything from a laptop computer to your lunch! Comes with a variety of strapping options to secure it to your lap, back or chair.
Tourism for All
The Hawkins Suite
Enham Place
Enham Alamein
Andover SP11 6JS
Information - Tel: 0845 124 9971
A registered charity providing a wide range of travel and holiday information for disabled people. Up to 3 Holiday factsheets sent free of charge. Over and above postal charges are applicable.















Urology Trade Association
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