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Leg Bags
Choose the most suitable leg bag for YOUR lifestyle!
Most manufacturers offer one shape of drainage bag (oblong) in no more than 3 capacities with a short or long inlet tube and no choice of outlet tap. At Manfred Sauer we believe that a leg bag should fit your lifestyle (not the other way round) so we offer more varieties with more options than virtually all the other manufacturers put together! Choose what suits you from the below options:
Oblong leg bag but approx 5cm shorter top to bottom than the majority of drainage bags you will find on the market
because they are about 2cm wider to get the same capacity into a short length bag. Good news if you are not 6 foot tall!
Available in 600ml or 1000ml capacities with lever/swing or sliding/push outlet taps. 14 versions available on UK Prescription
Saves the NHS up to £5.53 per box of 10 leg bags on UK Prescription - (Jan 2010 NHS Drug Tariff - Comparing similar products)
Comfort leg bag and p.grip tubing gripper
Discreet Thigh Bags - for use under shor clothing, sports and swimwear
Specifically designed to be worn under short clothing so you wear what you want not dress to cover your leg bag!
Discreet BAg for use under short clothing sports/swimwear
Bendi Bags - for wheelchair users and/or people that spend most of their time seated
Specifically designed for wheelchair users. 18 versions available on UK prescription - 700ml and 1300ml capacities with a variety of inlet tube lengths and outlet taps.
No more worries about finding accessible toilets!
Saves the NHS up to £7.22 per box of 10 leg bags on UK prescription - (Jan 2010 NHS Drug Tariff - comparing similar products)
Bendi Bag for wheelchair users
At last a drainage bag of appropriate proportions for smaller people with a realistic capacity.
New discreet twist to open tap.
Childrens bag 210 mls capacity direct or 30cm inlet available


Accessories - straps & connectors
Extra straps also available:
Wide 38mm strap to secure the top of the drainage bag firmly to your leg. The bag is actually strapped to the wide strap by the 20mm wide dark green velcro strap sewn onto the middle of the wide white elastic strap.
Narrow 20mm strap to secure the bottom of the leg bag or used for smaller bags likethe Discreet Thigh Bag or Childrens bag
Both have silicone lines to prevent slippage.
Order Codes
LB.WLF Wide strap
LB.NLF Narrow
Wide and narrow straps included in most leg bag packs as standard

Latex connectors to attach bottom of leg bag outlet tap to inlet of nightbag
10 x latex connectors
(latex free available on request)
55.38-10 connectors for leg to night bag
Urology Trade Association
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