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K+ICS System
K ICS Spreader & Sheath TipIdeal for any male who performs Intermittent Self Catheterisation (ISC). It is a very special urinary sheath that can hold small quantities of urine in the sheath itself (up to 100ml)! Or it can be connected to any urinary leg bag.
The sheath differs from the conventional because it has a removable tip so you can disconnect it from a leg bag, use a special tool to expand the end of the sheath for access to clean and catheterise as usual. This processs can be repeated as many times as necessary without removing and replacing the sheath (which causes skin trauma).
KICS LogoThe system has been developed for males from the age of 5 years old or more that leak in-between catheterisations or hate taking drugs to keep them dry. Also suitable for sheath users who have to catheterise several times a day to ensure that their bladder is completely empty. Even if you do not normally have problems, you will doubtless know the frustration that comes with an infection and continual leaking - the K+ICS system can keep you dry until the antibiotics work!
Available on prescription in the UK
K+ICS users testimonial:
I was getting myself into a right state I would do ISC and then a short time later I would pass urine again and wet myself this could happen just by coughing or if a spasm kicked in.  I remember standing in a school playground waiting for my kids to come out. I'd just catheterised myself before I went out so I should have been okay, but I was not I started to leak, I was so lucky that my children came out for the first time early and was able to get home, very wet by then and hoped that no one had noticed. After that I avoided going out at every opportnity - when I next visited Urology Outpatients and descreibed the utter dispair I felt I was told about your K+ICS system!  All I can say is WOW!  A bit fiddly at first just like ISC, but after a bit of practice its just second nature, part of the routine - no looking back for me but a BIG THANKS for you guys  - you have given me my freedom and dignity back and that is priceless! <name & address supplied>



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DT Code / Size PIP Code*
iQ2104.10 372-5421
iQ2104.12 324-7400
iQ2104.14 324.7418
iQ2104.16 324.7426
iQ2104.18 372-5413

b.sure violet quickfit urinary sheath shorter in length with a stronger adhesive available in 9 sizes.

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