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Double-sided Adhesive Tape – Extra Thin

Hydrocolloid tape, latex free.

Size 120×15 mm, 150×15 mm

Double-sided adhesive tape has been found to be helpful in the care of the elderly, for bedridden patients and patients in intensive care units. It is also beneficial for use with children and for all other cases where there is inadequate skin area for adhesion.

Double-sided Adhesive Tapes

The adhesion strength of the various types of double-sided tape depends very much on the skin reaction of each individual. Therefore, it is difficult to know which tape is best for each individual. SAUER would be more than happy to send sample products to clients, so they can test which one best suits them.

Latex sheath orgiinal
To prevent pubic hairs being trapped under the tape, we suggest you apply the protective cloth supplied with all our urinary sheaths. If an erection can be manipulated, tapes can then be applied making sure they do not cut into the penis shaft. Apply tapes to dry skin in a spiral overlapping fashion.
Latex sheath orgiinal
Unroll the urinary sheath 4–6 cm, apply and carefully roll over the tapes. Press lightly all around.
Latex sheath orgiinal
Press the tape with the hands for about 30 sec. so that the warmth of the fingers increases the adhesive strength.
Description QTY Order No. PIP Codes
Extra thin, 150 x 15mm 30 pcs 50.14 249-1090
Extra thin 120x 15mm 30 pcs 53.14m  
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