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CVS Catheter Valve

The next generation...........of catheter valve!

Catheter valve open Catheter valve closed
Catheter valve Order Code: Smartflow Catheter Valve CVS Blue twist tap open Blue twist tap closed

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  • The most discrete catheter valve available!
  • Accidental opening highly unlikely
  • Will not mark the skin as some products do!
  • No bulky tap that gets in the way of attaching catheter
  • Very Secure connections
  • Less expensive to the NHS on prescription by up to 15% or 1.98 per box - thats 40p per valve!
  • Completly transparent to allow easy inspection of urine for debris or encrustation (apart from blue contrasting tap to aid the partially sighted)
To be used with an indwelling catheter.
Warning: Unless you have been specifically assessed and prescribed a catheter valve by a healthcare professional it is very important you do not use the product
Directions for use

  1. Always ensure your hands are washed and any work surfaces used are clean and dry. Attach the stepped conical inlet connector to the outlet of the catheter ensuring that you do not touch the end of the catheter or conical connector of the valve. See figure 1 to identify parts of valve. If packaging is damaged discard valve.
  2. If connecting a day or night bag to the outlet of the valve (optional) simply push the drainage bag's inlet connector into the silicone outlet tube of the valve.
  3. Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after operating the valve.
  4. Empty the bladder by opening the valve as often as directed by your healthcare professional. Close the valve when the bladder is empty. See figure 2 for open/close operation of valve's tap.
  5. When connected to a night drainage bag leave tap in the open position to allow continuous drainage.
Some people use this Catheter Valve on the end of our Urinary Sheaths instead of a leg bag.  This is only appropriate if you  only void small amounts of urine - up to 100mls.  Often people that still leak through urethra after a Suprapubic catheter is fitted use this method instead of attaching a urinary leg bag to the end of the sheath.
  Catheter valve can be used to close off end of our urinary sheaths if small amounts of urine only are voided (up to 100mls)
It's back!
It's back!
DT Code / Size PIP Code*
iQ2104.10 372-5421
iQ2104.12 324-7400
iQ2104.14 324.7418
iQ2104.16 324.7426
iQ2104.18 372-5413

b.sure violet quickfit urinary sheath shorter in length with a stronger adhesive available in 9 sizes.

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