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Bendi bags

Why do wheelchair users need a different shape

and capacity leg bag?

Bendi Bag On Right Leg

Wheelchair users will always have trouble finding an accessible toilet on unfamiliar ground, which can seriously detract from the enjoyment of any outing. With the 1300ml and 700ml Bendi Bags which are specifically designed for wheelchair users, you need never worry about finding accessible toilets again.

Many people could manage independantly if they did not need help emptying their leg bag. Also it is vital that wheelchair users maintain a regular intake of fluids but the worry of not having an opportunity to empty the bag means that people are reluctant to drink regularly.

Diagram Of bendi Bag
Top strap 3.8cm wide

Can save the NHS well over £7.00 per box of 10 compared to many other leading brands of leg bags that hold 1/2 the capacity.

Available on Prescription in the UK
Choice of lever/swing or sliding/push outlet tap

Will connect to all night drainage bags though many customers find the 1300mL capacity bag sufficient for night time drainage on its own.

*Order code : 70.47-xx(S) 1300mL capacity
70.33-XX(S) 700mL capacity
(where xx is inlet tube length in cm.
Standard sizes are 4cm (Direct inlet), 12cm, 20cm or 35cm adjustable inlet
where (S) denotes sterile leg bag required by catheter users)
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