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P Sure

Latex Free Self Adhesive Sheath

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  • 97.xx Sheath Rolled Rear View11 sizes ensure secure comfort and fit with over twice the number of sizes in comparison to other similar products like Conveen®, Freedom®, Transfix®, Clear Advantage® or Urisheath® (source UK Drug Tariff).
  •  Made from a very thin synthetic material (latex free) which ensures a snug fit that will not blow-off, even when large volumes of urine are passed
  • Maintain adhesion during penile retraction
  • Latex-free - preventing the irritations and allergies that can occur with latex
  • Hygienic - no pooling around the tip of penis, reducing the risk of infection
  • Transparent - making skin inspection possible when wearing sheath - please note we recommend changing the sheath every 24hrs to let the skin breathe and allow a full inspection of the skin
  • No residual adhesive left on removal 
  • Order code:97.xx
  • NO WASTEFUL PACKAGING - 4 of our sheath boxes each containing 30 sheaths fit inside 1 of our competitors boxes containing 30 sheaths - How much space do you have at home - see picture below? 
  • Our sheaths are not individually wrapped or packed in gimicky plastic containers, they stay on for 24hrs (more if you want but we don't recommend it) so there is no need to carry a spare around as some companies would have you believe!
11 Sheath sizes Order code 97.xx
where xx is the sheath diameter in millimetres
xx = 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 35, 37, 40

Available on prescription in the UK


P Sure B Sure Logo Shows 4 p.sure sheath boxes fit inside 1 of our competitors sheath boxes - we don't waste your space or materials on useless packaging No nneed for drainage bag if only dribble less than 100mL simply use our CVS Catheter valve instead 97.xx Sheath Rolled Tip 

If you only dribble up to 75mL then using a p.sure sheath with our Smartflow catheter valve (Order Code CVS) may be the answer.
This means you do not need a drainage bag - see above picture and call our helpline for details.
The end of the catheter valve can be secured using our p.grip tubing strap
Manfred Sauer Urinary Sheaths (sometimes referred to as Male External catheters, Condom Urinals, Urinary Condoms)  are available in 11 sizes to ensure a secure comfortable fit.  This is over twice the number of sizes offered by other urinary sheaths like Conveen®, Freedom®, Transfix®, Clear Advantage® or Urisheath® (source UK Drug Tariff).

IQ Catheters are still available with the same unique, flexible tip.

Call Phil in the UK on our Helpline 01604 595 696 or e-mail
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